Institutional Repository



Full Text & Downloads

  1. Why isn't there a full text of a particular work?
    • There may be multiple reasons as to why a full text/download of an item in the repository is not available:
      • The full text of the item may be embargoed and not to be released until a certain time has passed.
      • There has been no response from the author for open access release.
      • The author has requested not to release the full text.
    • Print versions can generally be found via library catalog.
  2. I am the author of a work in the repository and would like to release the full text for open access. What do I need to do?
    • Please fill out the consent form and send it to the library per the instructions. We will respond to confirm the version of the full text file that will be provided on the website.



Dissertations & Theses

  1. I am a graduate student completing a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation. Do I have to submit my work to the repository?
    • The metadata (title, author, abstract, etc.) will be listed in the repository, but it is presently not a requirement to submit the full text to the repository.
  2. How do I submit the full text of my thesis or dissertation to the repository?
  3. Where will my dissertation/thesis be located in the repository?
    • Once your graduation status has been confirmed, information about your dissertation/thesis will be posted in the repository. You will be able to find the item under the following collections: Graduate Dissertations and Theses and the dissertation/thesis section of the academic department. If you have consented to making the full text of your work available for open access, it will be provided on the same page.
  4. What is the difference between the ProQuest 'Open Access' option and providing the full text of my work for open access via the UWest institutional repository?
    • The two major differences between choosing ProQuest 'Open Access' and/or publishing in open access in the UWest institutional repository is the access points to your work and the hosting cost.
      1. ProQuest academic databases are frequently used by students and researchers as sources of scholarly literature. By publishing in open access in the ProQuest ecosystem, it may be easier for others to find and directly download your work among other academic resources. However, both ProQuest 'Open Access' theses/dissertations and those made available via the UWest institutional repository will be discoverable by major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In addition, with the UWest institutional repository, your work with be indexed and showcased along with the works of other UWest graduates.
      2. The hosting cost for 'Open Access' in ProQuest is $95 (rate as listed on 6/5/2019). The UWest institutional repository does not charge for hosting.