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Buddhist chaplain role in hospitals: Exploring spiritual care through storytelling using the framework of the Four Noble Truths

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Doctor of Buddhist Ministry


Gabriel, Victor
McKnight, Daphna
Weiner, Jason


This project offers a series of chaplain stories, from a Buddhist chaplain’s perspective (in book format). It provides chaplains with additional tools for personal reflection and professional development, based on research showing the educational and creative power of storytelling. This book will also highlight the breadth and depth of the work chaplains do every day, despite chaplains often being one of the most misunderstood professionals on a patient’s healthcare team. These stories, and subsequent opportunities for reflection, may also help anyone develop a deeper sense of compassion and curiosity about the resiliency of people going though challenging times, as seen thought the eyes of spiritual care providers. In this project, the stories are told within the Buddhist framework of the Four Noble Truths, a teaching about ending suffering which is accessible to Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Each section ends with a contemplation to deepen the reader’s experience and interaction with the chaplain stories.


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