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"Investigation (Dhamma-vicaya) practice of mindfulness program” as a balanced intervention to manage anxiety of the adolescent

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Doctor of Buddhist Ministry


Gauthier, Jitsujo
Gabriel, Victor
Burke, Elizabeth


Adolescence is a high-risk period for adolescents during which they experience mood fluctuations and anxiety. Relevant studies point to a need for effective treatments for this age group. Mindfulness-based intervention provides an opportunity to live in the present but lacks guidance on what the participant can do after mindfully calming down. This study is the first trial that introduces the investigation (Dhamma-vicaya) practice into mindfulness programs as a new intervention for adolescents to manage anxiety in daily life.

This intervention integrated by developmental psychology of adolescents, clinical strategies from CBT for anxiety, and mindfulness teaching techniques geared toward adolescents into the Investigation Practice of Mindfulness Program (IPMP) for a group of adolescents in Canada. The findings showed that the IPMP program significantly improved the participants’ ability to relax and concentrate as well as the ability to identify feelings and emotions, thus improving interpersonal relationships, addressing internalized and externalized problems, and boosting psychological well-being. The research contributes to knowledge in the fields of psychology, mindfulness research, pastoral and spiritual care, social science, and youth education.


Educational psychology
Developmental psychology
Early and middle group
Investigation (Dhamma-vicaya)
Manage anxiety of the adolescent
Strategies to deal with anxiety
Teaching mindfulness to adolescents
The model of IPMP

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