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Benefit beings! : the Buddhist guide to professional chaplaincy


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Daniel Clarkson Fisher




Doctorate in Buddhist Studies


Capitanio, Joshua
Shakya, Miroj
Howe, William
Locke, Kenneth A.


This project was developed to benefit Buddhists engaged in professional chaplaincy work in North America. "Professional chaplaincy" here refers to spiritual care and counseling offered by properly trained and certified workers in various institutional contexts, usually for a full-time salary and benefits. The text is organized into several chapters, each offering a brief history of a particular chaplaincy (with special attention on relevant events for Buddhists); an explanation of the requirements for service as a professional chaplain in that field (again, with an understanding that the intended reader is a practicing Buddhist); and an examination of the work done by Buddhists in that chaplaincy (including positions held, scholarship produced, and so on).

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